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August Ace Productions LLC

I founded August Ace Productions in 2014 in order to create an umbrella LLC that I could funnel the variety of work that I do.  My work has been featured in almost every aspect of entertainment including Runway, Fashion Editorial, Print, Campaign, Theatre, Commercial, and TV/Film.  

My most recent film production was "ISSUES".  It was shot in accordance with a SAG/AFTRA Short Film Contract and is an all new and original comic book world featuring its very own custom comic book imagery created by George Deihl and animated by Sebastian Lagos. Co-Written by myself and Deihl, "ISSUES" is currently in the middle of its festival run and was able to have it's first public theatre screening in Pensacola, FL during May 2021 as part of the film festival portion of 'Pensacon'.  Once its festival run is complete, I intend to publish the project online as a 5 episode web-series.  In its entirety, it could also be used as a pilot episode and pitched for episodic TV.  Above you'll find the "ISSUES" Trailer, as well as a short clip from Episode 2 where Calvin Elliot is regretting a recent decision and exploring the difference between Super Ego, Ego, and Id with Dr. Leer.  

Logline: "ISSUES" is about a modern day Psychiatrist Dr. Leer who examines the basic human struggles of self doubt, romance, loneliness, and ultimately finding one's purpose in life with his patients.  Only today's patient is the troubled, narcissistic, and silver-tongued Calvin Elliot; who just happens to be the most powerful superhero on earth.

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